Color Our Collections via the University of Michigan Libraries — Emerging Technologies Librarian

Have you seen the Color Our Collections meme this week? @MULibraries @MUSpecColl @nlm_news @NYAMHistory You’ve been quoted in my #Storify story “Color Our Collections” — P. F. Anderson (@pfanderson) February 2, 2016 Basically, libraries and museums all around the world are making coloring pages and books from public domain content in their collections. Pretty […]

via Color Our Collections via the University of Michigan Libraries — Emerging Technologies Librarian

This is just the best idea ever – coloring and beautiful art! Thank-you U of M Libraries!



Getting Off My Butt for a Good Cause

Last week I found an app from Wooftrax (Walk for a Dog)  that allowed me to track walking my pup Lucy. Not only could I track our route, time, speed, and distance, I was making a donation to one of my favorite rescues just for walking Lucy. Talk about a win-win! Fortunately for me one of the rescues I follow on FB mentioned Wooftrax. Just for the record, since then, I have seen other similar apps mentioned.

Once I started monitoring our walks and really did see how far we were walking on a daily basis, I decided to commit to walking at least one mile per day. We had some exceptionally nice days this past week so we had almost 2 miles per day for several days. Well then, I thought, if we walked 2 miles per day, we could actually almost make a goal of 15 miles per week, which is about 14 miles per week more than what we are walking now!

Lucy is a 7 month old, high energy foxhound/coonhound/beagle/deer mix pup, and it really takes a lot to tire her out. Me not so much. But the upside is that I’ve seen my appetite for junk food decrease, and I’m losing some extra weight that needs to go. Unfortunately my disposition hasn’t improved much, but maybe that will be next!

Taste Testing

I am reinventing this blog to encompass food, books, shopping, Pinterest, wildlife, pets, and whatever other topics sound interesting. Today it’s all about Tastykake baked pies. As a rule I avoid treats like this just because I know I will be disappointed and will consider the purchase a waste of my hard earned dough. However, on Sunday I broke down and purchased said Tastykake pies — specifically strawberry and peach. And wow I was not disappointed (I was starving when I ate them so I hope that didn’t cloud my judgment). Today I took another big risk and bought the key lime. It was okay, but definitely not as good as the strawberry.

I’m sure if I could find my pie plate, and went to the store to get some fresh juicy strawberries, I could have made a fantastic strawberry pie. but that would require planning, list making, shopping in a real grocery store, oven heating on a hot day. You get the picture. My attention span just isn’t that long any more. In the end the convenience of the Tastykake pies won me over, so I bought more — to go with my Dunkin’ Donut $.99 iced latte.

If you have any other food items worthy of discussion, please feel free to share!!