Taste Testing

I am reinventing this blog to encompass food, books, shopping, Pinterest, wildlife, pets, and whatever other topics sound interesting. Today it’s all about Tastykake baked pies. As a rule I avoid treats like this just because I know I will be disappointed and will consider the purchase a waste of my hard earned dough. However, on Sunday I broke down and purchased said Tastykake pies — specifically strawberry and peach. And wow I was not disappointed (I was starving when I ate them so I hope that didn’t cloud my judgment). Today I took another big risk and bought the key lime. It was okay, but definitely not as good as the strawberry.

I’m sure if I could find my pie plate, and went to the store to get some fresh juicy strawberries, I could have made a fantastic strawberry pie. but that would require planning, list making, shopping in a real grocery store, oven heating on a hot day. You get the picture. My attention span just isn’t that long any more. In the end the convenience of the Tastykake pies won me over, so I bought more — to go with my Dunkin’ Donut $.99 iced latte.

If you have any other food items worthy of discussion, please feel free to share!!



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